The Wolf Among Us season teaser knows people are scared of it

by: Randy -
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Look at this season premier trailer for The Wolf Among Us! Look at it! It's a living comic book! Bigby Wolf, the man formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf--yes, that Big Bad Wolf--stalks up to his security office, then huffs, puffs, and kicks his door down. No, Bigby knows he's not well liked. He knows the other Fables, the characters under his care, are afraid of him. Or at least want to kill him. And he knows that comes with the job. But it looks like he isn't here to make friends. Whether dodging mystical woodcutter axes or crashing through second-story windows, Bigby looks primed to rub shoulders with the likes of Max Payne, if Max Payne were drawn up with The Walking Dead's pen and ink.

The Wolf Among Us series will be shown for the first time at Pax Prime in Seattle, Washington, this August 30 to September 2. "Shown" hopefully means hands-on time, or at least a more live demonstration of the game than screenshots and videos, even if it's hands-off. 

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