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Rockstar revamps GTA V website to look like a traveler's guide to Los Santos

by: Randy -
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Rockstar put its Grand Theft Auto V site through full reconstructive surgery. We're talking about a facelifted travelogue for visitors to GTA V's city of Los Santos and the surrounding Blaine County. We're talking about a crisply organized 6 x 32 grid of Botox-injected screenshots. And a laser liposuction of artwork wallpapers and thumbnail avatars.

It's like GTA V isn't going to be a video game. It isn't something riding retail and manufacturing schedules and product placement. No, GTA V is going to be a lifestyle. It's absolutely stunning how it includes elements that are 100 percent parody, yet seem entirely plausible. We're going deep into an uncanny valley, populated not with hyper-realistic facial features, but rife with invasive social media, scripted reality TV, and the globally acknowledged lunacy that is 'Murica. 

The newest screenshots depict how millionaires take to the air, another look at the bug exterminator-suited jewel heist, vehicular evasive maneuvers, and Trevor exercising his right to bear arms in a lightning-struck section of pine forest. I like the shots of Trevor throttling his ATV off the top of that mountain, a yellow submarine approaching a sunken oil rig, and a wood-paneled station wagon weighed down with bungie-strapped duffle bags.

Only about 33 days left until GTA V's September 17 release. Quick note: if you get paid every two weeks, that's only two paychecks away.