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Now Loading for the week of August 12, 2013: Coin-Swimming Edition

by: Jeremy -
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We’re rolling along into August with yet another week filled to the brim with releases. Remakes, original titles, sequels, and even some better-late-than-never ports will undoubtedly give you plenty of options this week. As for me, there are three games that have my eye:
  • Open Me!: Go ahead and get your laughter out of the way now as this is a game all about opening packages. That is right, all that you do is open different boxes and containers. However, some of them are going to get incredibly tricky. This digital release got a ton of critical acclaim when it launched in Japan last year and I have been dying to try it out for myself. This is an augmented reality game that has you manipulating virtual boxes to retrieve the treasures inside. Be warned though, the boxes are rigged with traps and hazards to keep you from collecting your reward(s). It makes you look at and think about simple containers differently, which should result in an intriguing puzzle experience.
  • Payday 2: I was a huge fan of the original Payday release back when it launched and still play it on occasion on both the PSN and PC. It is an original and well-crafted take on what has become a tired genre. The cooperative experience that the series offers is definitely top notch and it looks better than ever in the new version. Thankfully, the development team is going all out this time and has turned the experience into a full, retail release rather than just a digital download. I expect the resulting experience to be far more robust and complete experience, which means a more, polished version of the original... sounds good to me!
  • Ducktales Remastered: I have been waiting a long time for this game and Capcom is finally ready to bring back on of their greatest creations from the 8-bit era. Ducktales was a huge part of my childhood, both the cartoon series and the NES game. I saw a video review of the game this morning that really broke my heart because the reviewer took issue with almost every aspect of the game, however they gave they’re reasoning behind their issues. I can respect their opinion, but it was very apparent that this was someone who had absolutely zero appreciation or respect for the original release. Everything that the game was criticized for reinforced my hope that the game will be every bit as enjoyable as I remember it. Long story short: nothing can break my excitement for this game!

This weeks official lineup:
  • A-Men for PlayStation Vita (via PSN
  • Angry Birds Trilogy for Nintendo Wii, Wiiu, and 3DS
  • Breakquest: Extra Evolution for PlayStation Network
  • Charlie Murder for Xbox Live Arcade
  • Ducktales Remastered for PlayStation Network, Wii U, and PC
  • Europa Universalis IV for PC
  • Fruit Ninja for PlayStation Vita
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS
  • Mars: War Logs for PlayStation Network
  • Open Me! for PlayStation Vita (via PSN)
  • Payday 2 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3
  • Phineas & Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff for Nintendo Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, and Xbox 360
  • Rune Factory 4 for Nintendo 3DS
  • Space Hulk for PC
  • Thunder Wolves for PlayStation Network
  • Worms: Clan Wars for PC