Read about the new teamplay features of Battllefield 4

by: Chuck -
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As a long time Battlefield fan it's nice to see DICE evolving things so much in Battlefield 4.  If you want some examples be sure to check out the new  developer diary from DICE which lists some of the new features in Battlefield 4, how they came up with them and how they shape gameplay.  

The destructible skyscraper from the E3 trailer?  Not only does it change where a capture point is the destruction creates a cloud of dust that gives an advantage to those with night vision scopes.  The diary also digs into how they are encouraging team play by handing out field upgrades for following orders and working with your squad to accomplish tasks in the game.  

While none of this is groundbreaking stuff for Battlefield individually, when you add it all up it is a a nice evolution of the multiplayer action we've seen in the previous games.  The game will be in stores at the end of October.