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PS 3 launch prattle, as heard from the lines and the net

by: Dan -
Here is some quick dirt as heard from the Playstation 3 launch lines and seen on the net:

Total units per retailer are starting to become available, and Target, Wal-Mart, EB/Gamestop and Best Buy have informed their respective lines/pre-orders of their counts. Here is a brief rundown from the Northwest side of Columbus, OH where demographics (# of units per store) will be higher than the National average:

Wal-Mart - 4 units
Target - 8 Units
Best Buy - Approx 20 units
EB/GS - Approx 4 per store, all to pre-orders

(As a side note, lines exceed the demand at all of these stores as of 11 a.m. on 11/16.)

As for the black market (Ebay), it appears that prices are dropping. Whether it is the expected glut of units hitting the market, people waiting in line or the news that EB/GS pre-orders may not be filled on launch date, the high watermark of $3,000 has been replaced with sub $2,000, still a nice mark up.