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Now Playing: Mega Man Unlimited SMITE Edition

by: Randy -
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Apparently, Maxis snuck same-sex relationships into The Sims way back in 2000. Canadians will finally inject their stereotypically polite, free-healthcare-for-all propaganda into Kickstarter starting next month. And the developers of Payday 2 would rather take $10 of advertising and spend it on game development instead, then have you start the whispering campaign for them.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey | staff writer | Twitter @neoscyther
I stated last week that I had completed Mega Man Unlimited, so what did I end up playing? More Mega Man Unlimited, though this time recording footage for a YouTube Let's Play project. I'm hoping to get most of the remaining footage I need for that this weekend as I'll be hitting GenCon next week. Aside from that, I'll be plugging more hours into Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (releasing this Sunday, and my review should be completed before then). Definitely a fun game.

Sean Cahill | staff writer | Twitter @seancahill2
Besides continuing my online dynasty in NCAA 14, I've been tearing through Final Fantasy VII on Steam. I may have the itch to throw in Skyrim at some point again, but those are the plans for now.

Nathan Carter | staff writer | Twitter @natedoggcata
I have discovered SMITE, which means it's time for me to become addicted to a new game. For those who don't know, SMITE is a third-person MOBA and boy is it fun. I tried League of Legends but I have never really been a fan of RTS games and how you are just pointing and clicking the entire time. SMITE gives you full control of the action and has a pretty low barrier to entry compared to other MOBAs. I only played a few games and I was getting the hang of it. With other MOBAs I'm pretty much confused as to what’s going on and my teammates just yell at me the whole time for feeding. I haven't really been playing anything else since I'm gearing up for Saints Row IV in little over a week, which should hold me over until Grand Theft Auto V

Sean Colleli | staff writer
I've been neglecting The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on my 3DS for a few weeks now, mostly because I haven't had the time to really give it the attention it deserves. Ocarina isn't a game you can just pick up and play in short bursts--you need to dedicate at least an hour at a time, and I've been busy lately and unable to do that. The weekend offers a much needed respite and plenty of time to explore Hyrule.

Randy Kalista | staff writer | Twitter @randykalista
No exaggeration, fully 100 percent of my Steam friends have downloaded the Saints Row IV Inauguration Station--the character generator. Can't be certain, but there might be some excitement over this game. I'm just over here in EVE Online, however, waiting to hear back about my corporate application. In the meantime, Organ Trail is calling my name with its 16-color art, its beeps and boops, and the promise that I may "name my party after my friends and watch them die slowly."

Jeff Kintner | staff writer
I don't have a Wii U, so I'm going to celebrate the release of Pikmen 3 by pretending its 2004 and playing Pikmen 2. Also, I've heard from several sources that Cave Story is supposed to be the best indie game of all time, so I'm going to see if that title holds any water. Let the weekend of adorable gaming commence!

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