Your free Games with Gold for August are...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Xbox Live Crackdown Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
We are already a week into August and Sony and Microsoft’s competing free game bonuses are off and running for the month. We gave you a preview of the August additions to Sony’s Instant Game Collection the other day, and below you will find what Microsoft fans can look forward to seeing this month.

Crackdown went live for the August 1 offering and is readily available for you to download as we speak. Crackdown may be an older game but it is definitely a 360 classic and one I will gladly play again. The next offering(s) will roll out on August 16 with two Capcom offerings: Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Case Zero. Just make sure that you grab them while their available because they drop off of the marketplace (at their discounted price) pretty quickly.