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MechWarrior Online gets hot 12 on 12 mech action today!

by: Chuck -
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It's no secret that I love MechWarrior Online and today the game gets one of the biggest patches yet as the game now supports 12 vs 12 mech battles.  This is up from the standard 8 vs 8 that the game has had since the game went into beta last year.  The immediate effect is that there's a lot more combat and that tactics and staying with your group are even more important than ever.

The patch also includes some weapons tweaks but the second biggest change is that capturing points in both the Assault and Conquest modes takes significantly longer in the past.  This means that you're going to have to either work in groups to capture points or be a bit more thoughtful in how you plan out your plan of attack.  From the few matches I played after work tonight it feels a bit two long and I have a feeling this will be something that will get tweaked a bit down the road.  

If you haven't checked MechWarrior Online out yet it's worth your time to do so as the game keeps getting better with each patch.  Plus it's totally free to sign up and play so the only thing you might lose is a bit of your free time.

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