More gigantic wallpapers for Total War: Rome II

by: Sean Cahill -
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This is a quick one, folks.  Total War: Rome II makes it clear that bigger is definitely better, and who wouldn't want a wallpaper that measures an incredible 30000 x 6116 pixels?  I wish I had something else witty to add to this posting, but what else can be said with a wallpaper that size?  Head over to the Total War: Rome II website and bask in the glory of all the detail!
​Weighing in at a tasty 30000 x 6116 pixels, our new panoramic screenshot (you can view previous ROME II panoramas here) focuses on the Barbarian-held lands near The Alps in ROME II’s campaign map. As you can see, the architecture of Barbarian settlements differs significantly from those in Greco-Roman or Eastern cultures.
Front and centre stands a Warmaiden of the Celtic tribe of the Helvetii. A Champion agent type, she’s capable of a whole raft of activities, including hampering an enemy army’s ability to fight, reducing its morale, and even inciting slave uprisings in opposing cities.
Featuring 183 map regions and 117 factions, the full campaign map is truly epic in scope, stretching from Scotland to the Horn of Africa, and from Portugal to Afghanistan.
Rome II launches worldwide on September 3rd 2013. For more information, visit