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Now Loading for the week of August 5, 2013: Dragon’s Garden Edition

by: Jeremy -
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Here we go folks! We’re moving into August which means that summer is winding down and before you know it the kids will be back in school and we will be getting hit with the avalanche that is the Holiday season and two new console launches. This has certainly been one of the busier summers in recent memory and this week is no exception. There is a nice full lineup to be enjoyed including two games that I can’t recommend enough:
  • Pikmin 3: Yes, if you want to be technical about it, Pikmin is an exaggerated garden simulator... but it is also a hell of a fun game. Let’s be honest, if I had control of hundreds of little plant-creatures to run around and do my bidding with nothing more than the help of a whistle, I might consider getting into gardening myself! The third installment in Miyamoto’s under-appreciated series finally takes things into the world of HD on the Wii U. Sean thoroughly enjoyed his time with the game when he reviewed it last week. This is a very unique and interesting world that you would be remiss to skip if you own a Wii U.
  • Dragon’s Crown: I don’t care which version that you buy, just make sure that you pick up Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown. Yes, that game that has been the focus of a lot of criticism over the past few months for its sexist depiction of women. Despite that glaring issue, this is a gorgeous, epic adventure in the vein of a classic, side-scrolling beat’em up. Tons of loot, a diverse cast of playable characters, and some of the most beautiful visuals that I have ever seen in a video game...there is well over a hundred hours of content here if not more. I could rave about this game forever but I think I did enough of that in the review of the PS3 version last week so just take my advice and buy it!
This week’s full lineup: See anything in the list that you are picking up? If so, let un know in the comment section down below!