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160,000 Wii U sold in the last 3 months

by: John -
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Remember when the Wii kept selling and selling and selling? The Wii U? Not so much. Only 160,000 units were sold worldwide in the past 3 months for the Nintendo console. That breaks down to 90,000 in Japan, 60,000 in the United States, and 10,000 in Europe and Australia. Hell, even the original Wii sold more in the three months with 210,000 sold. That's bad.

I know of one person in my group of gaming friends with one today. I've yet to see a game I have to buy the system for. Third party support seems to be getting better, but it's going to take some time. Nintendo is saying their lack of first party releases is what is hurting the console.

Some will argue that the last generation specifications are partly to blame. Others will say the Wii U controller isn't compelling enough to warrant a purchase. The games are what matters and we need to see more releases, I think, before we see an uptick in Wii U sales.
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