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Nintendo's huge push for Wii marketing just keeps coming.  We finally have some artful (and informative) ads airing on TV, and incidentally Youtube.  I really like the intentional Japanese quirkiness they put into these TV spots--it makes the Wii seem foreign, but inviting at the same time.  They also get the message accross to consumers about just what the Wii is, quickly and succinctly.  And no rolling eggs are involved, either. 
Nintendo's First Wii Commercial Airs Tuesday Night

    Call your friends, cancel your plans and set your cell phone on vibrate.
    The first TV commercial for Nintendo's amazing new Wii(TM) video game
    system is set to air Tuesday night.  The first in a series of four
    30-second ads runs during the performance finals of ABC's Dancing with
    the Stars.

    The commercials feature two Japanese men who show up at homes across the
    United States and announce: "Wii would like to play."  The fun ads
    demonstrate the motion-sensitive abilities of the Wii Remote controller
    while a cool Japanese pop tune plays.

    "The fact that we have people all but begging to see Wii commercials
    demonstrates the huge amount of interest in our new system," says George
    Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and
    corporate communications.

    The commercials will be posted to and
.  The first
    place that viewers can see all four of them together in a two-minute film
    will be Nov. 15 on MTV2's Sucker Free.  To accomplish Wii's goal of
    bringing gaming to the masses, ads will air on ABC, NBC, Comedy Central,

    BET, USA, TBS, Discovery, Animal Planet, ABC Family, Nick at Nite, Sci-Fi,
    TLC, Fox, The CW, MTV 10 Spot, MTV, MTV2, MTVU, Adult Swim, Fuse, Si TV,
    The N, VH-1 and Black Family Channel.

    Nintendo has focused on hands-on marketing efforts like the Nintendo

    Fusion Tour and viral sampling events in cities across the country.  Now
    the Wii experience moves into people's homes for the holidays.  Even as
    these new ads run, experiential sampling events will continue into 2007.

    For more information about Wii, please visit
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