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Every Xbox One will be a dev kit, indies can self publish

by: John -
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Well here are some good news for would be developers. One of the things that soured some folks on the Xbox One was that indie developers couldn't self publish their work. Well, that won't be the case as Game Informer got confirmation from Microsoft after they reported the news regarding a new policy for indies. 

Developers will no longer need a publishing partner and they can set their own release dates and pricing. Their certification process, which was criticized by many, is also getting a bit of a change as they will now go with a 14-day turnaround for approvals. That's a lot better than what it used to be.

Finally, it seems every Xbox One will be able to run pre-release code, making it possible for all the units to essentially be debug units. 

All these changes are looking to make the Xbox One a lot more development friendly to those that aren't with a major company, and that's a good thing.