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Xbox Live Marketplace Content round-up

by: Dan -
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A big day on the Xbox Live Marketplace gets even bigger, as Xbox 360 owners have a bunch of new downloads available to them:

FIFA 07 Pitch Crests
Customize your in-game practice arena with a crest from your favorite team for 100 pts. Available in all XBL regions, but not available to Silver members until 11/22/06.

Gears of War Video
Canada and the U.S. gamers can download this content for 100 pts, which will allow you to experience BradyGames strategy for Gears of War with Cliff Bleszinski.

EA weekly sale of cheat codes
NFS Carbon downloadable cars are now available at a cost of 80pts each. Available in all regions, but not Japan until 12/21.

-1970 Plymouth Hem Cuda
-2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
-1967 Shelby GT500

Video: Cops and Robbers
XBL Gold members in all regions can download this free 3-minute video of cops and robbers, Xbox 360 style! Silver members will be able to download on 11/22/06.