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More PS3 launch woes...

by: Dan -

The third "launch" title in two weeks has now been removed from the PS3 lineup.  After recent announcements that NBA Live 07 was cancelled outright, and Sonic the Hedgehog would be delayed several weeks, Sega confirmed to IGN that Full Auto 2: Battlelines would not be available at launch either. The confirmation sent to IGN by SEGA:

"The release of Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PS3 is on track for a holiday 2006 release," commented the SEGA's rep. "This highly anticipated award-winning combat racing title is setting the bar on the PS3 with an intense multiplayer mode that enables up to eight gamers to play head-to-head online. SEGA is targeting an early December ship date."

With only about 36 hours to go before the Midnight launch, this quite possibly has been the single biggest cluster**** of a console launch on record.  In the last week, Sony PS3 U.S. counts were revised down again (from 400K to approx 200K), 200+ game titles from PS2 and Playstation were confirmed by Sony to not properly work on the PS3 and three launch titles were either cancelled or delayed. The next batch of bad news starting to bubble to the surface is that multiple Best Buy PS3 kiosks (provided by Sony) around the country are overheating and the console is malfunctioning.  They were installed on Monday night, so they functioned for less than a day.