Sony lets you turn your gold trophies into real-world goods

by: Jeremy -
More On: PlayStation
Achievements and trophies are great ways to show off your dedication to the gaming world. If only there was a way to turn those virtual awards into real-world items...

Thanks to Sony’s new Bid for Greatness program, you can do just that. PlayStation Network users can now use their (virtual) gold trophies that have been earned throughout the years on limited edition, replica items online. The bidding website, Bid for Greatness, has a number of items both up for and coming up for auction over the next couples of weeks. You could potentially become the proud owner of things like an Infected Clicker costume from The Last of Us, a replica Dragonborn dagger, and even original concept art from a variety of titles. The trophy exchange is virtual, so you won’t have them stripped from your account, but after browsing the page it appears that you will have to be quite the accomplished gamer in order to claim one of the prizes. The current item up for bid, a Black hand Outfit from Killzone Shadow Fall, has a minimum bid of 975 gold trophies. That is a a lot of gaming!

You can get the full details of the the program over on the PlayStation Blog, including a full list of the items coming up for bid.