Some mad violence from the Mad Max gameplay trailer

by: James -
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It’s survival of the most savage in this world. What lengths will you go to stay alive? The world premiere reveal trailer for Mad Max has been released, and things are looking pretty grim here, as if there weren't enough current and future games to tell us that already.
Mad Max is another post-apocalyptic video game based off of the original movie series by the same name that starred the then-little-known actor Mel Gibson. While he portrayed him for the franchise’s first three films, he will not reprise the role for this upcoming video game. The game is being developed by the folks of Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Just Cause 2) and takes place in a barren desert wasteland where, as the story goes so far, Mad Max is in search of his lost vehicle, The Interceptor.
Mad Max was officially announced back at E3 2013 and the gameplay trailer has now been released. It does look pretty gruesome, though surely not a whole lot that we haven’t seen already as far as grit and brutal violence goes. Still, in my opinion, it seems worth paying attention to. Mad Max will be releasing sometime in April of 2014 for the current and next generation consoles as well as PC.