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NAMCO BANDAI and indiePub Entertainment have just announced that the 2D platformer Capsized is now available for download on Xbox Live. In the futuristic setting of Capsized, players find themselves on a ship that has crash-landed on a strange planet shown in a unique hand-drawn art style to help engage the players into the environment around them.
Armed only with a grappling hook, jetpack, ship supplies, and an arsenal of various other weapons, players will have to navigate through the treacherous environments, fight vicious creatures and natives in order to save themselves and their crewmates and escape.
Capsized is a mix of third-person shooter with classic platforming elements as well as some physics-based combat that can be played through different game modes like the story mode, Death Match and Survival. It is available now for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and also includes exclusive levels and achievements for players to try and unlock. It will later be available the PlayStation Network sometime later this summer.

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