First BioShock Infinite expansion to announce late-July

by: James -
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As stated by in a report by IGN earlier this week, Irrational Games has confirmed that an announcement for new BioShock Infninite DLC will be made sometime in late July. As you may already know, there is expected to be three pieces of downloadable expansions to the game as part of its Season Pass, which I have already purchased.
Essentially the announcement will be for the first of the story-based pieces of the Season Pass DLC. Last week, lead designer Ken Levine said that the studio is still working on the content and they “have been since the game shipped...things are going well.”
So far the only DLC that has launched was a small bundle of goodies released last week called “Columbia’s Finest” which is available for $5 on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC. But I wonder what the first expansion of Infinite will entail. Many guesses and suggestions have been made throughout the internet. I won’t say any of them hear for possible spoiling, but if you’d like to see a wishlist of some of these suggestions, check out PC Gamer’s article on it here.
I’m really excited to hear what the first expansion will be about and I remember reading that Ken Levine said that the first will be “a love letter to the fans”. Let’s hope so. I mean as far as where Irrational could take us next in the game’s story, the possibilities are didn’t think I would say “infinite”, did you?

Source: IGN