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Five new screenshots for Contrast released

by: Chuck -
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If you read my E3 coverage of Contrast then you know that I was pretty impressed with what I saw at the show this year.  The game has a sense of style and a unique story twist that I was instantly intrigued by the game.  In Contact you play Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl named DiDi.  The twist is that large portions of the game are given to the user via Dawn navigating their shadows.  In a way you are kind of spying on them, much like a child would.  

The new screenshots from Focus home build on that a bit as they show off some of the core platforming experience as well as how the game is using shadows to tell the story.  Of the bunch of them it's this one that really shows what the game is about.

Here you can see her parents talking (well embracing) and creating shadows for Dawn to navigate with.  It's a really cool concept and I'm looking forward to playing it when the game is released on PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PSN later this year.

CONTRAST, the platform/puzzler developed by Compulsion Games for PC, the PlayStation®Store and Xbox LIVE® Arcade, was anything but 'hiding in the shadows' as the game was honored with numerous accolades, awards and nominations, including several BEST INDIE of E3 wins. Read the “Contrast E3 Round Up” on the official blog.

Featured in both SCEA and Focus Home Interactive's booths at E3 2013, hundreds of journalists and other industry professionals from around the world experienced an updated hands-on demo of CONTRAST, discovering the vaudevillian, film noir-inspired world infused by light and shadow play mechanics. Players took on the role of Dawn, an imaginary friend, in the oneiric universe fueled by Didi's imagination. Didi, an adventurous nine year old is hopeful of reuniting her parents as she uncovers truths and drama in this charming adventure. With stunning visuals complemented with an original jazz-based soundtrack featuring the rich, spell-binding voice of Laura Ellis.

Trip the lights fantastic with these 5 new images of CONTRAST.

Expect new information, images and videos of CONTRAST to come out of the shadows, leading up to the launch on PC, PlayStation®Store and Xbox LIVE® Arcade, this year!

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