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You'd think there'd be some actual sky pirating in this Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria video

by: Randy -
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Only a fortnight after the Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash content update (a fortnight is two weeks) comes the Sky Pirates of Tyria content update. But the phrase "content update" is putting me to sleep, so let's go with "more free game to go with your already awesome subscription-free MMO." Who's even paying for all this new material?

The deal is, somebody got their wig split at the Dragon Bash, so now it's time for a little payback, yarrrr style. Surprisingly, there's a notable lack of sky pirating going on in a content update called Sky Pirates of Tyria. I mean, it's like right there in the name. But there's a new dungeon, scavenger hunt, a skill and trait balance update, and new rewards. Also, Custom Arena Starter Kits will be available for purchase in the gem store now that Spectator Mode and Custom PvP Arenas are exiting beta.

This video is chock full of splashy waves, menacing weather patterns, and women in boob armor grunting and making you're-gonna-die gestures. What fun!