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E3 2013: Bandfuse (Impressions)

by: Matt -
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     Music games may have left the mindset of the average gamer now that the market has been oversaturated and buried under the weight of plastic peripherals, but that's not stopping Realta Entertainment from trying to teach people to play guitar with their latest title, Bandfuse: Rock Legends. I got a chance to get some details on the nearly finished game, and it's showing a lot of potential for anyone interested in actually learning to play a guitar. Just watching the demonstration gave me the impression that even I could learn guitar, unlearning years of non-standard music games in the process.

    For those out there who are looking to pick up a guitar and learn, Bandfuse looks to offer a lot of options. The Shred U gameplay takes players through the basics of guitar playing, and has Slash on hand to explain all of the fundamentals, to the toughest charts. The Shred U lessons also teach you bass and vocal techniques. In addition to this the game features a full fledged practice mode that allows players to play songs at slower speeds to learn the nuances of songs ala Rock Band.

    There's also a Tour Mode that takes players from humble beginnings to filling rock stadiums, with songs by some classic artists like Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Pearl Jam, and The Clash. The game will feature fifty-five songs initially on the disc and will support a large amount of DLC, with forty-five songs available at launch. Each of these songs can be modified by the myriad of amp and pedal effects like distortion and reverb.

    Bandfuse: Rock Legends has been cooking for a while, and it looks like it is just about done. The song list shows promise, and the gameplay looks like it is accessible enough for anyone to pick up and play. Bandfuse will be out later this year in the fall, now I guess I should invest in a real guitar and start getting those callouses now.