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E3 2013: AiRace Speed & AiRace 2 (Impressions)

by: Matt -
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     Among the hustle and bustle of a busy E3 show floor, I got a chance to meet with the CEO of QubicGames, Jakub Pieczykolan for a quick meet up to check out some early footage of the company's latest 3DS titles, AiRace Speed and AiRace 2. Both AiRace Speed and AiRace 2 fills a kind of overlooked gap in the 3DS library, and that's classic arcade style racing. The PSP and Vita got games like WipeOut and Ridge Racer, but the 3DS has been sorely lacking in this regard, leaving gamers to settle with games like Cars, and Asphalt 3D. Sure there's Mario Kart, but sometimes you just want something a little different and these games aim to scratch that itch.

     AiRace Speed is a twitch style arcade game that tasks players with simply surviving some of the most challenging stages in an arcade styled racer. Fast aircraft, tricky tunnels, obstacles and more will challenge players through eighteen levels. The short video gave me the impression that this game is going to be fast, and hopefully the 3DS will be able to run this game at a high frame-rate because this looks like one of those games where a split second can mean failure or survival. AiRace Speed will be available later this year for the 3DS.

    AiRace 2 is a proper racing title and follow up to the company's first DSi game, AiRace. This game will feature an improved roster of planes and contain races in seven huge levels that take players through tight passages and wide open spaces with dynamic weather conditions. Outside of the standard arcade style racing there will also be combat elements for up to six players via WiFi multiplayer. AiRace 2 has some development time in front of it, and QubicGames hopes to release in 2014.

AiRace Speed is nearly complete and should be out later this summer  AiRace 2 is in early stages of development but what Jakub showed me had a lot of promise. The 3DS is sorely lacking in a good racing game and while Mario Kart 7 is great it'd be nice to give something new a try.