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Episode two of the Payday web-series now online.

by: Nathan -
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Episode two of the Payday web-series has arrived. Last time, we saw the Payday crew hit the bank and gather a large amount of cash. No problem right? Wrong. In this episode we see the crew being forced to fight their way out of the vault and out of the bank. Even if they do make it out of the bank, they may not be in the clear just yet. 

I wonder if this web-series will contain hints about new content we will see in the game. We see a new character named "Vlad" whom was apparently hired by Bain, the man who communicates to you throughout every mission. I wonder if Vlad will appear in the videogame or not. 

Payday 2 will be available on Steam, PS3, Xbox 360 this August and if you pre-order now at retailers, you will receive the Lootbag DLC.  
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