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E3 2013: Tek Recon blends toy guns and video games

by: Jeremy -
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Even in my older age, I love a good Nerf battle, or any kind of toy dart gun for that matter. I can often be found running around my neighborhood with the kids blasting each other and waging virtual war without any sign of shame. Tek Recon is looking to take that experience to the next level with their new product that was shown off at E3 after debuting on Kickstarter last year.

Tek Recon is a GPS powered mobile application combined with a new line of toy guns that adds a new level of immersion to toy warfare. The guns have a mount for your mobile device which will give you and your friends access to things such as advanced weapon sites, GPS tracking of your friends and enemies, as well as technical monitoring of your ammunition reserves.

Harold Chizick of Tek Recon gave us a first hand demonstration of how the product works at E3 which you can find below: