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Gamestop/EB screwed the pooch again?

by: Dan -

One year after getting run through the ringer for selling many more Xbox 360's than they had available, Gamestop/EB are once again up to their old tricks. Even after attempting to be conservative and allowing pre-sells of approximately 8 per store, GS/EB is once again going to disappoint people.

Notices on the GS and EB websites state that pre-order customers will be notified by Wednesday evening whether they will actually get their pre-order.

The ripple down effect will be felt immediately to those that paid big bucks for pre-ordered consoles off Ebay.  It appears that E-bay's new policy on selling pre-ordered consoles without the machine in hand has backfired. Part of the requirement was that a receipt must be displayed on the listing, and more importantly the console must be delivered within 30 days of the close of the sale. Ooops.

There were people STILL getting their EB/GS pre-ordered Xbox 360's in February of 2006 after it was launched in November of 2005. The math stinks, and EB/GS has once again screwed the pooch.