Torchlight is free on for 48 hours...and other awesome deals as well

by: Russell -
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I've seen numerous jokes and memes about the no-doubt-upcoming Steam Summer sale, but Steam isn't the only place that's going crazy with games this summer. has begun their 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale and they begun it in a big way by offering Torchlight free for 48 hours (which ends on June 20th at 12:59am GMT.  This is made even more awesome with over 500 games available at half price until July 5th, and weekly sales that take the discounts further than that!  Today's deals are the Definitive Dungeons and Dragons Collection on sale for just over $21 (that's about $2.11 a game) and both Alan Wake games for around $4.50 (90% off).

Check out for more info.