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E3 2013: SOE gives us a taste of Dragon’s Prophet

by: Jeremy -
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One of the games that Sony Online Entertainment was showing off at E3 is a new free-to-play title called Dragon’s Prophet. In this world, you can ride, capture and train hundreds of dragons in a mythical world. Think of it as an action and more adult-oriented version of “How to Train Your Dragon”. Players will have to not only deal with hordes of enemies and fight againsta great evil, but also spend time capturing and “recruiting” dragons to serve them.

Dragons that you capture and train can be used for a variety of things including help in combat and to do the more menial tasks associated with most MMO’s such as resource gathering and simple crafting. It is also worth noting that even though there are distinct character classes in the game (four to be exact), character powers are drawn from the different dragons that you associate yourself with. Therefore, your sword-swinging tank can get himself some magical, Paladin-like abilities by simply hunting down the right enchanted creature(s) to accompany you on your journey.

Dragon’s Prophet is currently in open beta and available at DragonsProphetTheGame.com.