Lost Planet Trailers roll onto Marketplace

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox Live
Xbox 360 owners with a Gold Live account can now download two Lost Planet trailers. The two trailers with the dashboard details are:

  • Awakening Trailer - When a rogue band of Snow Pirates discovered him trapped in his Vital Suit under a veil of ice, his memories were nearly nonexistent. The only things he could recall were his name and a few painful fragmented images of his father falling prey to a powerful Akrid known as “Green Eye”. Now lost in a world not knowing who to trust, Wayne must struggle to retrieve his past and seek the truth behind the mysterious mechanism on his arm which converts Thermal Energy for use directly into his body!
  • Cold Reality Trailer - Rick, Luka and Yuri comprise the small band of Snow Pirates with whom Wayne now lives. Luka seeks to rid the world of the hostile Akrid, the only force which keeps humans from transforming ice-covered E.D.N. III into a planet that can be colonized. Now with the addition of pilot Wayne Holden to the team, Luka is more determined than ever to wipe out the Akrid scourge nest by nest. Wayne is willing to help because, while he cannot recall very much, he does remember how to pilot a Vital Suit and how to survive at any cost.

The trailers are free and downloadable in all Xbox Live regions. Xbox live Silver members will have access to the trailers on 11/20/06.  Thanks to the good Major for the info.