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E3 2013: NBA 2K14 shows its next gen appeal

by: Jeremy -
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With the 2012-2013 NBA season coming to a close (as soon as the Heat take care of those over the hill Spurs), 2K sports is out at E3 already hyping up the world for the next season. With NBA 2K14 launching in October, the company was quick to show off just what it has in store for the new generation of consoles at Sony's press conference.

A short trailer was shown this week giving some insight on the level of detail and realism that the developer is bringing to the players this year. Thanks to the wonders of Video Game James, the digital Lebron looks even more imposing than the real one on the court. If this looks this good, drawing from an alpha-build of the game's engine (which the developer says it was), I cannot wait to see the final version in motion.
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