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E3 2013: DayZ (Impressions)

by: Travis -
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After seeing the Arma 3 beta during my Bohemia Interactive appointment I was shown the in-development alpha of standalone DayZ. I was one of the victims of the DayZ craze that hit last year in which hours of my day were consumed by avoiding zombies and hunting other players for their weapons and equipment. While the pricing structure and public release time frame haven't yet been finalized, Bohemia did confirm that the alpha will be privately released for stress testing in the following weeks.

Even though the build of DayZ being shown at E3 was still early in development, an array of improvements were showcased from new zombie animations to a completely redesigned inventory system. The standalone version of DayZ still takes place on the island of Chernarus from the original mod, but nearly everything has been overhauled with a emphasis on building interiors. Players will have a great deal of more interiors to explore in addition to them receiving a visual upgrade with expanded furniture and item placement.

The inventory system has received a complete overhaul with a far more accessible interface that doesn't contain any of the unnecessary steps required in the original mod. As well, the inventory system displays gear that is in close proximity to the player, thus removing the hassle of selecting the item with the mouse cursor. The new crafting system was also showcased in which two fragments of a map were combined to create a complete, usable in-game map. Another example of the crafting system involved purifying a contaminated bottle of water. Even switching the equipped items on the character from their clothing to weapons is a simple drag and drop process.

A common phrase during the presentation of DayZ was that the game is being created around the concept of a "personal experience," in which every decision is ultimately up to the player. While the game might still look a bit rough in some places and it's unfortunate that it wont be using the Arma 3 engine, the standalone version of DayZ will be just as addicting and atmospheric as the original mod. Fans of the original mod can rest assured that the core of what makes DayZ such a unique and thrilling experience is still intact.