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These Grand Theft Auto V screenshots are boring, predictable

by: Randy -
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At this point, if you've seen one set of Grand Theft Auto V pics, you've seen them all. There will be: Michael going gray and looking calm, Franklin holding a pistol in a decidedly non-gangsta fashion and looking calm, and the off-his-meds Trevor walking away from a gratuitous explosion with a fully-automatic weapon in tow and looking calm. Also: cops, cops, water, water, crop duster, cops.

The screenshots' predictability at this point, however, doesn't make them any less captivating. Because I know the story is going to go off the deep end, and I'm going to get intimate with all that fictional realism in ways both tender and irreverent. There's nothing more American than watching the American Dream die over and over again in the hands of developer Rockstar North.