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E3 2013: More Smash Bros. info on the three new characters announced so far

by: Russell -
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A little while ago I posted a video showing Mega Man joining the Smash Bros. cast.  However, what would a new Smash Bros. be with only one new character?  Thus far it seems that three new characters have been announced: Mega Man, The Villager from Animal Crossing, and the Wii Fit Trainer.  Granted those last two kind of made me scratch my head a bit, but if Nintendo can make it work, more power to them.

The video below is a Nintendo Developer Direct that talks about these three characters and their moves.  It's also worth noting than when talking about Mega Man's weapons they show off the Top Spin, which wasn't one of the nine shown in the reveal trailer.  This might be the most use the Top Spin has ever had.  I'm also interested in The Villager's ability to catch projectiles and fire them back, including even Mario's fireballs or Samus's power beam.