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E3 2013: Killer Instinct details

by: Jeremy -
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Although Microsoft glanced over the announce trailer during their press conference yesterday, the details regarding the new Killer Instinct are starting to make their way out of E3. The development of the new game has been handed off to Double Helix Games, the studio that brought recent titles such as Silent Hill Homecoming and Battleship.

The game will actually be presented as a free to play title via the Xbox Live Marketplace. The base come, which is available to players at no cost, will feature one selectable character: Jago. Addition characters, including Sabretooth and Glacius, will be made available for purchase for those who want to expand their roster. Microsoft is assuring fans that there will be a nice mix of both familiar and completely-new characters. The price points for characters, and other features, will be decided closer to the game’s launch.

You can expect to get your hands on the game when the Xbox One launches this November (reportedly 11/21) as it will be a launch title available for the system.