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E3 2013: More Mad Catz goodies

by: John -
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While Jeremy touched on a few things that Mad Catz is announcing at the show, here are three more products that we just got wind of.

  • M.O.J.O. Android Micro Console: A few companies are putting out micro consoles utilizing the Android operating system and Mad Catz is getting into the game. I don't see any specs (I'll ask when I see them today which chipset they are using), but the small box has all the connections needed to plug into a TV as well as controllers. Pair it up with the Bluetooth 4.0 C.T.R.L.R. controllers and you'll have a full fledge console on your hands for your TV.
  • C.T.R.L.R. Wireless Controller :  These wireless controllers use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect to any product you own as well as the new M.O.J.O coming from Mad Catz. It features a technology called GameSmart mode which will simplify connecting to devices as well as improve battery life. Sounds promising and it will come in three colors: black, white, and red.
  • Arcade Fight Stick Tournament Edition 2 for Xbox One: That's a mouthful, but it will be the fighting stick from makers of great fightings sticks for the Xbox One. This sounds like a perfect compliment for Killer Instinct. You can check out the pictures below, but expect some thoughts later today as I try and get my hands on this one.