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E3 2013: Nyko announced accessories for next generation systems.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Nyko has jumped head first into the world of next-gen systems already with the announcement of new peripherals that are on display at E3 this week.  The Smart Clip will allow a gamer to attach his or her smartphone to their controller to take advantage of applications.  As expected, of course, Nyko will bring their award-winning ChargeBase devices over to the next generation as well as an unnamed Headset Adaptor for the Xbox One in particular.  More information to come as it becomes available.
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Nyko Introduces Next Gen Console Accessories at E3 2013
 Charging solutions and Second Screen enhancements will be showcased  

LOS ANGELES - June 11, 2013 -Nyko Technologies®, the premier gaming peripherals manufacturer, is unveiling their latest products at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). A stalwart exhibitor at the game industry's headline event, Nyko is proud to announce products for the Xbox One™, PlayStation® 4, Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3.
"Continuing in our tradition of embracing new platforms within the launch window" said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing, Nyko Technologies. "Nyko is leading the way with new products for the second screen console experience as well as unveiling successors to our best-selling Charge Base line which is being redesigned for next-gen consoles"
Nyko's E3 2013 console product line-up includes:
The Smart Clip conveniently holds your smart phone onto your controller allowing for an integrated, hands-free second screen experience. Coming to Xbox 360 followed by editions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Smart Clip will easily hold any generation iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry device up to 3.5 inches wide. The Smart Clip is ideal for utilizing the Smart Glass™ or PlayStation App on your phone during gameplay, or looking at walkthroughs, codes, tips and more. The Smart Clip will be released for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.
The Charge Base continues Nyko's market leading innovation in the charging category with two new models being announced for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The next generation Charge Bases will be AC powered and feature dual controller ports, allowing for two controllers to be stored and rapidly charged simultaneously. Each model is custom designed for their respective controllers. The Xbox One edition will come packaged with 2 rechargeable batteries; while the PlayStation 4 model will feature Nyko's patented USB charging dongle system. These designs both allow for easy drop and charge usability. The Charge Base for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be released in the launch window of both consoles. Additional information on availability and pricing will be announced later this year. 

The Headset Adaptor for Xbox One plugs into the HDMI port of the console, and provides stereo RCA audio output for use with most gaming headsets. The HDMI pass-through port provides a high fidelity audio source for your analog audio components, while allowing full 1080p output to the TV. No additional batteries, wall outlet, or software is required to use the Headset Adaptor. Headset Adaptor is compatible with any gaming headset that utilized RCA connectors for in-game audio.  The Headset Adaptor will be available this holiday.