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E3 2013: If you missed it, here is the crowd reaction to Sony announcing their support of used games on the PS4

by: Nathan -
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I have been watching E3 for years and I have never heard a reaction like this before at a press conference. In case you missed it, Sony announced that the PS4 will support used games, meaning gamers can trade, and sell their games once they are done and anyone that chooses to buy used wont have to worry about any restrictions on said games.

Oh yeah and they also announced that you can play games on PS4 without having to worry about having to connect the system online at least once every 24 hours. 

This was all great news but nothing I have ever seen at E3 before would compare to the amazing reaction from the crowd exploding in cheers once this news was announced. 

Man, Sony just attacked Microsoft's weak point for massive damage! 

Check it out below.