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Defend and grow your faction in The Last of Us multiplayer

by: Mike -
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Multiplayer in The Last of Us will focus on the moment-to-moment survival integral to the single player side of things when the game release, developer Naughty Dog said.

Factions asks players to align with the Fireflies –– a militia group –– or the Hunters, a group fighting for its survival in an urban environment. Players will then develop their factions through two game modes, Supply Raid and Survivors.

Supply Raid gives each team a pool of reinforcements. The teams must then scavenge the area for food and equipment necessary for survival, with the match going to sudden death once the reinforcements run out.

In Survivors, there are no respawns. Die, and players are out until the next round. 

The same crafting system is used in multiplayer that Joel uses in the single-player aspect of The Last of Us. Teamwork and tactical thinking are encouraged, as not every situation is best solved with guns blazing.

Keep an eye out for our full review for The Last of Us. The game release June 14 for the Playstation 3.

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