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Arcen Games Offering a Massive Indie Bundle

by: Jeff -
More On: AI War Tidalis A Valley Without Wind A Valley Without Wind 2
Good news, everyone! The Arclight Bundle has just gone live on Indie Royale- meaning that you can pick up a ton of games by Indie developer Arcen Games for ridiculously cheap. The bundle includes Steam, Desura and DRM-Free keys for:

-A Valley Without Wind 1&2
-Shattered Haven
-AI War: Fleet Command
-All five of AI War's expansions, including the upcoming Vengeance of the Machine expansion that's currently in beta.

(Check out Tyler's review of AI War here, and Kyle's review of A Valley Without Wind here.)

As of this writing, the minimum price is $5.41- but if your purchase beats the $8.00 mark, you'll also get all 9 original soundtracks, plus the Deorbit album by Disasterpeace. The minimum price is likely to rise as time goes on, so make sure you get in and buy early.

You can find more info and purchase the Arclight Bundle at www.indieroyal.com.