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World of Tanks hits 60 million registered users

by: Chuck -
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The folks at Wargaming announced that World of Tanks has hit 60 million registered users.  While this is a pretty impressive number there's no indication from the company of how many of those 60 million users are still actively playing the game.  These numbers are often a bit squishy and look good on a PR but even if only a third of those users are playing the game it's still almost twice the size of the population of World of Warcraft, 

To celebrate the launch they company has released a new cinematic for the game which features lots of tanks and some heavy metal music.

It will be interesting to watch those numbers over the next few years as the company is set to launch World of Warplanes in the near future and World of Warships will be out after that which will give the company three large games to build a base out of.  
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