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Xbox One must phone home every 24 hours to work properly

by: Chuck -
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If you don't have internet access or internet access that flakes out for long periods of time the Xbox One news dump has a big catch in it for you.  That catch is that the system must connect to Microsoft once every 24 hours in order for you to play games.  This "heartbeat" system makes ensures you have all of the new games that you've purchased/had given to you as well as ensuring that you haven't given a game to someone and are still playing the game.  You will still be able to watch movies and TV but your gaming library will be inaccessible until you re-establish the connection.

While this isn't a big deal for me I do think this will cause issues for some folks out there.  No details were released on how much data needs to be passed back and forth between the console and home base but this will probably be a deal breaker for  those living with no connection, low bandwidth caps, and military personnel working in remote areas.