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Does FIFA 14 hate Gareth Bale?

by: Nathaniel -
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Today, EA Sports has released the very first official gameplay trailer for the current-gen version of FIFA 14 set to come in September.  More interesting than the trailer itself, however, is the fact that Gareth Bale, Tottenham Hotspur's brilliant left winger, this season's winner of both the PWA and PFA Player of the Year awards, and the most exciting player I saw this year MISSED both of the shots he took.  

EA Sports: Y u no liek Gareth Bale?

As far as the other features the trailer highlights, namely ball protection and realistic shot crafting, only one of those - realistic shot crafting - is an issue in the current FIFA Soccer.  You could always pull the left trigger to enter precision dribbling mode and keep the ball away from an opponent.  It will be interesting to see exactly how that changes in FIFA 14.
On the other hand, shot crafting is a serious issue in the current FIFA Soccer.  You basically have no control over what foot the player shoots with, what kind of spin he puts on the shot, and worst of all, you can't hit low driven shots at all because shot height is tied directly to shot power.  If FIFA 14 can get that to work as well as they claim, then FIFA 14 will be a blast.  However, without an associated change in defensive and/or goal keeper AI, and changes in what governs shot accuracy, FIFA 14 will be a blast because the average final score will look more like an NFL game.  
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