Come grab a look at the multiplayer portion of The Last of Us

by: John -
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The Last of Us has been garnering some really great reviews. And with its release a week and a day away, Naughty Dog has given us a look at what you can do in multiplayer.

The team based games borrows some cues from Left 4 Dead where you can see an outline of your teammates when they are behind obstacles. You'll get to craft weapons on the go and the pace looks a lot more tactical than a lot of other multiplayer games out there. 

Close up action looks pretty brutal with hard punches thrown and bladed weapons doing a whole hell of a lot of damage. In the event you do survive an attack, you can crawl to a teammate for healing. All in all, the multiplayer part looks pretty fun. We'll all get to experience it on June 14th when the game's released.

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