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Now Loading for the week of June 3, 2013: ‘Twas the Week Before E3 Edition

by: Jeremy -
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With E3 less than a week away, many publishers are scrambling to get a couple more releases out before the gaming-world turns its attention towards Los Angeles. Don’t expect to see a whole lot next week during the show, aside from the usual surprise digital releases. You should find plenty to tide you over however in the full list below, particularly the following:

Remember Me: “A good game that could have been great” seems to be the reigning opinion on Capcom’s new franchise. I was very happy with the adventure, but like a lot of other media outlets felt there was the potential for so much more. Remember Me offers a solid and extremely enjoyable adventure that fully embraces its game world which works to the benefit of the entire experience.

Prime World- Defenders: This is my current addiction and when it launches this week, it could become your’s too. Combining two of the most addictive genres on Earth: tower defense and card collecting, Defenders does wonders to advance the tower defense genre. If you have played any in the past, you know that these games are meant to be played over and over; adding in the card aspect works wonders to alleviate the monotonous feeling that often grows after a while with these games. Fans of either genre should check this out when it hits Steam later this week.

Marvel Heroes: While the verdict is still out on this free-to-play venture into the Marvel universe, it appears that it is at least worth giving a try. Combining our favorite super heroes (and villains) with the addictive loot gathering and RPG elements of games like Diablo sounds like a good idea, but time will tell if it actually turns out to be one. The game looks really fun on the surface, but I just worry that the lack of customization, an aspect that is very important in this genre, will work against it in the long run.

The full roster for this week features:

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