Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Build for [Borderlands] Two

by: Nathaniel -
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Well, no doubt in whatever parallel universe I run a TV network, Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Build for Two has just been given a 90 episode order.  

As thin as impactful stories can be in the Borderlands franchise, this short introduction to Borderlands 2's newest playable character, Krieg the Psycho, shows that someone at Gearbox has story-telling chops.  It teaches us everything we need to know to understand Krieg the Psycho, and both the how and the why he fell in with our favorite intrepid troupe of vault hunters.  It was love; he did it for love.  

Now Gearbox has two Borderlands stars on their hands.  I say let the professional jealousy between Krieg and Claptrap fester!  Let it fester away!
You can download The Psycho Pack where ever such downloads are available for $10.00/800 Microsoft points.

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