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That rumored Vita support for PS4 games? Mandatory!

by: Jeremy -
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Sony made an interesting little announcement back at their PlayStation 4 reveal that piqued a lot of gamers’ interest: games playable remotely via the portable Vita. It is a great concept, and one that actually exists for the PS3, however very few games and developers use the technology. There are only a very small handful of games that take advantage of this feature. That won’t be the case on the PS4!

As confirmed over on Eurogamer, Sony has stated that unless a game supports a dedicated peripheral such as the PlayStation Eye, it will be streamable and able to be played remotely on the Vita. think about it: relaxing on the go while hunting for loot in Diablo 3, or even exploring the world of Watch Dogs in the palm of your hand!

I cannot lie: this is a major game-changer for me. Coming from a household where numerous people fight for the right to the main television, having access to a majority of my console games on my Vita means I never have to turn my game off to allow someone else time with the TV. I was super excited about the feature in the PSP and Vita, but it has never been fully embraced or pushed. That is changing with the PS4 and I couldn’t be happier.