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Now Playing: Gods Among the Sleep Edition

by: Randy -
More On: Injustice: Gods Among Us Among the Sleep
So, the Xbox One reveal is a thing that happened, but we’re here to talk about games that you can play right now. Defiance is free-to-play from May 23 (yesterday) until this Sunday, 1 PM (Pacific). SimCity is now up to version 4.0, and despite what John Yan is saying, probably none of us at Gaming Nexus is logging back in. And you Far Cry 3 map editors can now spin your VHS tracking knobs with Blood Dragon content.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey | staff writer | Twitter @neoscyther
I finally finished up with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Yes, you read that right. I finally finished the main quest in Skyrim--and boy did I overdo it. Full dragon plate armor, free destruction spells, the works. Well enough about that. This weekend I'm planning to enjoy an old classic thanks to Steam's Unreal Deal being only $10 until May 27, so I'll likely be playing something with the words "Unreal Tournament" in it somewhere.

Sean Cahill | staff writer | Twitter @seancahill2
Unfortunately with one hand fully bandaged, I'm going to have to play some old school role-playing games and nothing new, so I dusted off the Wii and plan on playing Final Fantasy VI a bit.

Nathan Carter | staff writer | Twitter @natedoggcata
It’s Memorial Day weekend, and that means all hands on deck where I work, so I won't be able to do much gaming. If I get time, I'll probably try to get some practice in with Injustice: Gods Among Us. Other than that, it will probably be quick games of Left 4 Dead 2 when I can. My regularly scheduled gaming will continue next week when I get my hands on Donkey Kong Country 3DS

Sean Colleli | staff writer
I'll be finishing up Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U. If Capcom keeps going like this, we might actually get the sequel to Resident Evil 4 that it deserved. After that, I'll be enjoying Super Metroid on the Wii U Virtual Console, and maybe some more System Shock 2 on Steam.

Jeremy Duff | senior staff writer | Twitter @duff3c
I will be spending my weekend finishing off FUSE before its launch, and boosting up my virtual card collection in Prime World Defenders. Between that and welcoming the true start of summer with the opening of the pool season, I should find a means of enjoying the extended weekend.

Charles Husemann | editor-in-chief | Twitter @chusemann
I'm going off into the woods for the weekend so it's going to be nothing but iPad games like Temple Run 2, Bookworm Heroes, and  Jetpack Joyride. I'll also be playing fun outdoor games like "Which kinds of snakes are poisonous again?" "No, I thought you packed that," and "WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? OH GOD, WHY DID I WATCH ALL THE FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIES THE WEEK BEFORE SPENDING A WEEKEND IN A CABIN IN THE WOODS?"

Randy Kalista | staff writer | Twitter @randykalista
Hoping to lose a little sleep as I roam Among the Sleep's alpha. My own post-toddler (is that an age? "Post-toddler"?), well, she gets to trippin' in the middle of the night sometimes, images of her dream world leaking over into her real world. Good times. Checking out this horror game played from the perspective of a two-year-old is probably my worst idea ever. Love the game's title though. Among the Sleep. I mean, I guess that's where you'd eventually find yourself if you were told to "go to" sleep.

Mike Mahardy | staff writer | Twitter @mmahardy
I'll be finishing up FUSE for review, as well as the yearly playthrough of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that always throws off my backlog schedule. Other than that, I'll keep playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, as it has me completely hooked. I particularly love Green Arrow and Lex.

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