Buy Alan Wake for $1 if you choose to

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Humble Bundle's weekly sale is in full swing and this week you get a chance to buy the psychological thrillers Alan Wake and Alan Wake American Nightmare for whatever you feel you should pay for it. The great part of Humble Bundle is that gamers can decide where the money goes. It can go to the developers, Humble Bundle, various charities or it can be split between all of them. 

Also you should know that you don't just get both games as they both come with tons of extra content as well.

Alan Wake is the collectors edition of the game and includes bonus episodes "The Signal' and "The Writer" along with the game soundtrack, illustrated PDF book, developer commentary videos and even never before seen content that Remedy has saved for a special moment such as this. American Nightmare will include the game soundtrack. 

A full list of bonus content can be found below. 

  • Early Alan Wake Demo Videos
  • Harry Garrett Show (in-game video of Alan Wake being interviewed)
  • ”Making of” Videos
  • Alan Wake “Writer in the Cabin” clips
  • ”Night Springs” Episodes (fictional TV show)
  • ”Balance Slays the Demon” Music Video
  • Alan Wake "The Movie" (full playthrough of the game)
  • The Library of concept art and production photos
  • Alan Wake Wallpapers
  • Night Springs Comic Book
  • Psycho Thriller Comic Book
  • Alan Wake Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Alan Wake Cardboard Cutouts
And more
  • Alan Wake Score Sheet Music
  • Alan Wake Screenplays
  • The Alan Wake Files Book
The sale lasts for another six days so be sure to grab it while you can. 

As i'm typing right now, over 180,000 bundles have been sold and has raised over $400,000. Not too shaby! 
The sale can be found at the following link.

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Finally, be sure to check out Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy's address to the fans about the future of Remedy, Alan Wake, their future projects and the bundle itself.