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Modern Warfare 3/Call of Duty: Ghosts tech smackdown

by: Nathaniel -
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Does anyone else find the poor German Shepard all kitted out for battle in the new Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer a bit disconcerting?  I swear that I saw a laser gun on its back.  I don't normally have strong feelings when it come to animal rights, but well-trained dogs don't exactly excel in the free will department.  That dog, and the real dogs its based on, are basically combat slaves with the emotions of infant children.  Maybe now thanks to the new graphics tech the Xbox One wields, even dogs have entered the Uncanny Valley.

Whatever, it sure did look impressive, right?  I guess that's all that matters in this particular context.  You can see the full battle-dog comparison, along with battle-human, and battle-jungle comparisons in the following Modern Warfare 3/COD: Ghosts comparison trailer.

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