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Xbox One, sharing games, and you. -Update-

by: John -
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So we all heard that you'll have to register the game on your Xbox One. It sounds like it will be a serial number type deal. Kotaku  has a report talking with Microsoft's Phil Harrison. Yes, the same Phil Harrison who was front and center with the PlayStation 3.

So you get a code to enter into the system that ties the game to your Live account. Multiple people in your family can play the game on that console, so it sounds like if you have multiple profiles, you'll be OK there.

Now let's say you want to bring it to your friend's house. They'll have to pay a fee to install it and if it's a new game, it's going to be the full price of the game. Ouch. I'm not sure how long the wait will be before the game's install fee decreases and to what amount, but don't look to take new games over to a friend's house and expect to play it. And you can probably deduce how this is going to affect used games.

Now, Microsoft's looking at making a way to let you sell your games online. So, Microsoft's going to control the used game market for the Xbox One it seems. For those that play Diablo 3, this might sound a little familiar to you. Blizzard, probably seeing how much money they are losing out when people trade items on their own, built a way to do selling and trading into the game. Microsoft, probably seeing the money being lost in the used game market, is looking to make it part of their ecosystem. 

This certainly presents an interesting scenario. If the PlayStation 4 doesn't restrict people from installing used games, which system do you think Gamestop is going to push when families come in looking to purchase something for their kids to play games.

-Update- You will be able to take your games over to a friend's house and play it, as long as you login with the profile that you registered the game with as detailed by Major Nelson.